Asset management can be overwhelming.

Out of the box, Momentum™ is a complete hardware, app and analytics package that your team can use in minutes and immediately monitor and receive error reports, control preventive maintenance schedules and instantly communicate with services from anywhere, at anytime.

Using devices your team is already using, either on Mac, PC or with our Mobile App, Momentum™ makes it simple to scan an asset for on-demand access to necessary information. Add pictures or documents. Access full histories. Generate reports, track maintenance schedules, audit, and all this through a simple to use interface.

Streamlined communication

As a result of collecting, archiving, and time tracking, the platform provides a precise overlook of every step in the process and significant analytical insight that can be used to optimise asset expenses. Its greatest power lies in letting you focus on your core business and be ahead of your competition.

Deeper insight

Momentum greatly improves communication between employees and external services in a way that provides full control over the inventory and end-to-end overview of the whole asset maintenance flow.

”Reporting errors, following work orders, notifying services, asset handovers, archiving documents are only a few of the steps governing asset management, unfortunately, these are still done manually.”

Anna Hamilton, Director of IT services – Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam